02/02/2024 05:32 PM

By Nur Fatin Mohmad Kadenen

JOHOR BAHRU, Jan 31 (Bernama) -- The military training undertaken by His Majesty Sultan Ibrahim, 17th King of Malaysia, has helped mould his strong character, further enhancing his personality as the Supreme Head of the Federation.

Johor Royal Court Council president Datuk Dr Abdul Rahim Ramli said Sultan Ibrahim started his military training at the Malaysian Army Training School (PULADA) in Kota Tinggi, where he was made a platoon commander.

Sultan Ibrahim later participated in the Young Officers Course at Fort Benning, Georgia in the United States and also enrolled in airborne and ranger training for infantry officers.

“His Majesty then attended the American Special Forces Green Beret and Pathfinder Course, where he completed 19 parachute jumps, including eight executed at night, earning him prestigious wings and establishing his status as a commando,” he told Bernama in an exclusive interview at his office recently.

Abdul Rahim highlighted that Sultan Ibrahim is also a United States SEAL (sea, air and land) member and an honorary member of the Indonesian red beret KOPASSUS after making several successful parachute jumps in Bandung.

“His Majesty also obtained certification to pilot both fixed-wing aircraft like airplanes and jets, as well as rotary-wing aircraft such as helicopters after passing the examination. Subsequently, His Majesty was awarded another set of wings.

“Both sets of wings bestowed upon His Majesty are genuine, proving that Sultan Ibrahim actually underwent the training, and not an honorary distinction,” he said.

Abdul Rahim, 85, who has served under three Sultans of Johor since the reign of Sultan Ibrahim’s grandfather Almarhum Sultan Ismail, said the military training effectively forged the King’s character as a strict and courageous leader in decision-making.

“This military training, particularly parachute jumps, has helped His Majesty in carefully considering matters and making the right decisions in critical moments.

“Based on my observation, this characteristic of His Majesty is what makes him a bold and strict Ruler in making decisions,” he said.

Abdul Rahim said Sultan Ibrahim’s leadership qualities and courage were evident from a young age, such as when His Majesty took part in water sports at Pantai Lido in conjunction with the birthday celebration of the late Sultan Ismail.

He recalled that Sultan Ibrahim, who was around seven or eight years old at that time, was not hesitant and bravely took part in swimming, catching ducks, paddling boats and driving speedboat.

Meanwhile, as the Colonel Commandant of the Special Forces Group (GGK), Sultan Ibrahim consistently exhibits a genuine concern for the military.

His Majesty once urged all GGK members to maintain a good level of physical fitness and strength that are required for a commando and reminded all officers to refrain from politicking or lobbying for certain positions and ranks.

Sultan Ibrahim was sworn in today as the new King of Malaysia in a ceremony steeped in tradition at Istana Negara, Kuala Lumpur.

His Majesty replaces Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah, whose five-year reign as the 16th Yang di-Pertuan Agong ended yesterday.